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Rain, rain, go away

Still raining here! Makes me want to leave the country…..

Somewhere in Tuscany

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Friday is finally here

It is Friday at last….but it is raining and is supposed to rain all weekend here. Rats! I guess it will be a good weekend to shop, read, or watch movies. Hmmmm, lets see…I could shop first, come home and read for a while, then watch a movie! Well an rainy weekend is better than no weekend at all.

If Ihad my new house I could be doing chores or something! I also could be filling the house with scents of homecooking. Fall is a great time of year to do some baking. Cookies, apple crisp, bread, pies, and home cooked dinners like pot roast! Sounds too good. But wait a minute, I’m still on ww for now, so I’d have to forego the sweets.

I guess I could start some Christmas shopping, after all tomorrow is October 1st! I guess I’ll have to jump on Expedia today and check out the airfare prices for my next trip to Kentucky. I was hoping we would have been living in our new “dream house” before Christmas this year, but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen this year. I’m kind of bummed about that, but I’ll get over it. Perhaps we will win the Powerball this weekend, and we can travel the globe.

Well it is pouring rain here right now, I guess I’ll have to figure out what I’ll be doing later this weekend!

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Thursday, thursday

Well, this is it another Thurday….meaning tomorrow is TGIF the most hailed day of the week for us workaholics. I don’t have any plans for the upcoming weekend, but that can change rather quickly. Let’s see what the weekend will bring!

Well tonight is one for our favorite nights for TV viewing. Yes we have succumbed to “reality” tv. As lame as it sounds we are hooked on Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, and the The Biggest Loser! These nights are our “date” nights, wehn we watch tv together at a distance! I think the Amazing Race is my favorite one. It combines challenge with travel (my favorite sport). We wait in anticipation to see what the next weeks show will bring…hopefully familiar places.

Fall is surely fast approaching here in Maine. The nights have turned cold and frosty. The leaves are rapidly changing and falling to the ground, and apple harverst is here. We went to Chester over the weekend and pick up some Cortland. A nice tart and crispy apple…yummy! Autumm is my favorite season; however, it does not last long enough here. I believe that there is snow already on top of the mountain….in fact I’m positive.

Well I better I guess that is it for now…until next time…Ciao!

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Another day in the salt mines…well the office. Do you ever get sick of mindless nonsense from nonsense people? Well I do. That is all I will say. Occassionally people know how to push my buttons…I don’t let it happen much, but sometimes the suck me in to their delusions and discover my weaknesses.

Enough bitching I guess. What I wouldn’t give to be in a piazza in Florence, watching people, sampling another gelato flavor, discovering another hidden treasure, combing another neighborhood……well you know. Instead I am here stamping out ignorance in the world……a career often overly rated.

I have not yet scheduled my next house visit to Kentucky, so I must do that ASAP. I am also looking forward to deciding what venture will bring to another european country next summer. I wish I could go sooner. Don will be leaving for Dallas in a week or so, I’d really like to go, but that is not going to happen this time. Instead I will here, at my desk. Scary thought!

Here I am on day 2 of going back to WW again, it is not all that bad, but when we live in a world that revolves around food and work it is difficult to get off our butts and seek redemption for the caloric intake that we eat. What I would give for a bowl full of gelato this afternoon…hmmmmm let’s see, what flavor would I choose? Probably pistachio.

Or how about a yummy primo of calamari!


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Random rants for the day

Today has been a so-so day today. Not much has occurred except back on track for ww this week. I felt sick getting on the scale again, but it wasn’t so bad after-all. I just need to stay on track and stay focused. The first two days are the most difficult to begin.

Today I am pondering planning my trip to Kentucky to visit my sweets, stepdaughter, and new grandbaby. I think I’ll go in early November instead of the usual October. Christina has an event that she would like me to see, and happy to arrange my scedule for that.

I have been checking into a couple of program to finish my PhD or EdD in Higher Ed. I am am contemplating the traditional method or the online method. Basically they are the same without the hassle of the campus hoops to jump through. Once again another tough decision to make. I wish all decisions to be made in life were only where the next vacation destination was going to be…….wouldn’t that be nice! If only life were that easy.

The weather here is really beginning to become fall-like very fast. The temps are down low at night and everything has that fall smell to it. The days are getting shorter, and soon it will be time to change the clocks once more. I hate that time of year….it is usually dark by 4:30pm then.

Hummmmm, lets see 2007….Italy again or Switzerland? What should we choose. Don is also interested in Alaska, so we need to go theere soon as well. I wish I had this view to look out my office window everyday!

Bench in Provence France

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Back to visit my Friend WW

Tonight is an appointment that I have missed for a couple of weeks! I’m dreading it, but I have to get back on track again. My friend Ann and I will return the the scale tonight. We have avoided it for go reasons over the past month and now our time has come! I will so arrivederci to white past and pizza for a while and Ciao..to my salad and protein friends once more! Wish me luck…no more dessert or chocolate chunk cookies from Dunkin’s for awhile……until later Ciao! helloooooo Caprese…yummmmy


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La Dolce Vita

Ahhhh, it is Monday once more! The weekend was great, but the weather was another story. Saturday my mom and I ventured to Bangor to do some weekly shopping at Wally World etc… It was raining most of the day. By evenin gthe weather had settled but it stayed very chilly, high’s in the 40’s.

Sunday…RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN! That was the story. We ventured out early to go meet my neice Amy for her birthday….24th to be exact. I forgot my camera at home, so I stopped and bought a tiny digital one a wally world for 14 bucks! The camera works…now that is. I did not know how to use it correctly so all the birthday photos and photos I took of Emma ….lost forever! I’ll just have to take another trip to visit Sweet Cheeks I guess! It was a great day. We went shopping and had lunch at Lonestar…yummy ribeye! Miss Emma is getting to be a fuss-budget! She is so loveable, but does not always want to be hugged. She is growing like a weed though.

She managed to talk me into buying her another pair of shoes at Old Navy….pink! She loves her Deedee! hehehehe

It was a good day with Mom, Tammy, Amy, and Emma of course. I hope you a had a great day Aimster! We love you very much!

Don went to Louisville thsi weekend to see Christina and Liam, and to take them to visit Mom and Dad. Louisville got so flooded on Saturday. Christina and Liam are doing great I guess. I hope to see them when I go to Kentucky in November…I miss them! For now I’ll just keep working and daydreamin.

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The weekend is here….

Know that Friday is here, I have not made any plans for the weekend. Afterall I never know what is in store for me. I do however, know that it is friday and I’m tired and hungry. I wish I was in Italy right having a glass of casa vino chianti and a pizza margherita. YUM OH. Maybe I’ll have to settle for the Scootic….oh well!

My Pizza

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Well, let’s see. Today is Friday and have no plans for the weekend. I’m thinking I’d like to be roaming through the valleys of Tuscany. Possibly takingin a winery, olive pressing or a grape harvest.  I understand that they are harvesting them right now. According to my blog buddy Jane in Greve…she is going to send my some photos. Greve is one of my favorite villages to visit while in Italy.

I guess I can’t keep on yacking about Italy, I’ll only get depressed! Tomorrow is my oldest niece AMY 24th Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday honey….I hope you have a great day with Emma, I hope to get to se you soon!

 Birthday Cake

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What’s for Supper?

Hmmmmm, I’m hungry and thinking about supper and this comes to mind! What shall I eat tonight?

Spaghetti Carbonara

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