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Happy haunting!

To everyone out there on fright night, Dog have a safe evening of tricks or treats!



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Happy Halloween to all!



Today is Halloween…when I was a child, I waited anxiously for this day to come. My mom would most often make me a costume to wear out trick or treating in my neighborhood. Today is so different parents don’t make homemade costumes anymore. It is not safe for kids to trick or treat, and most people don’t even care that children enjoy this day. What has happened to the safe world we grew up in?

Emma is dressing up as Pocahontas today. I’m sure she will be very sweet! To all the kiddies out there have a safe and happy Halloween.


The next holiday to come is Thanksgiving. Then my favorite day is the day after Thanksgiving when mom and I venture out at 4:30am for all the pre-dawn sales in Bangor…..yeah, I know call us fools, but this has been a tradition for us for 27 years! Even in snowstorms we have set out for the early-bird sales. We used to be the first in line at Filene’s but now it is Macy’s and I’m not sure what kind of sales they will have there. Go figure, while everyone is still nestled in their beds we are out standing in the cold waiting for the doors to open!

The Holidays will be here before we know it…..Ciao for now!



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It’s the Great Pumpkin!!!!

Here is a photo of my Grandson Liam….getting ready to celebrate Halloween tomorrow. He is now 3 months and growing fast!

Liam 3 months

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I hate Sundays….

I always have. The weather is terrible her once agian, cold, windy, rainy, and snow flakes this morning. What is there to do other than sleep all day! I guess I’ll go back to bed….

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I just received a call from Nichole and she is having a girl…..

blushbutter_babygirl_3prevblog.jpg Congratulations…..

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Another rainy day here….but the sun is trying to shine. What a dreary day…I find that I don’t do well in dark, dreary, rainy days. Please come out sun!

Well last night I started Peter Mayle’s “A year in Provence” it looks like it is going be another great read. I loved reading Frances Mayes..Under The Tuscan Sun as well as her other books. It was cold and rainy last night so I retired to my room for the evening with my book and great cup of hot Pomegrante-Raspberry green tea…..yummy. The was just what I needed to soothe me after a long day. I wanted to go for a walk, but with the weather the way it was the book won over the walk.

I am counting down the days before returning to Kentucky…..16 more days! I’ll be glad to see Don again, as well as Christina andbaby Liam and all the others. I can’t wait to go the UK football game. I love football, however it is so much more fun to go to a live college game….everyone there gets really in to the game. The die hard UK fans are dressed in blue and white and are adorned with lots of accessories. It si quite a sight!

I’m thinking about taking a pre-holiday shopping trip to Freeport this weekend. Freeport is home to the famous L.L. Bean store as well as many other outlet shops. A great place to do some shopping therapy http://www.llbean.com/ is the website.

Well tomorrow we are having our great chili cookoff here at work. Students are so excited to show off their treats. I have found three people to judge the contest, all should have a great time! I’ll be sure to include photos tomorrow.

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Tuesday, another day in the week. Tuesday usually is not a bad day in anyway. Perhaps sometimes it take the rap because it is close to Wednesday. Anyway it is Tuesday.  Last night a watch the Bachelor Rome and Sadie and Lisa were chosen to stay…I was releived because they are my favorites.  However, much to my dismay I was heart broken when Peter and Sara were eliminated from The Amazing Race. My husband and I are reality TV buffs, that we can’t miss a show…….sick huh?

Went to weigh in last night and gained 1.5 lbs….I was so  terrible the past 2 weeks. It is difficult to stay on program with so much STRESS in my life.  I wish I could run away from it all.  They say that you can’t run away from your problems….but I’d like to try at least once!  I have aways been an overachiever so I create these high expectations of myself, so I’m my own worst enemy.

Maybe I need to start taking better care of myself……..now how do I do that?

Maybe I need to take some advice from a professional…..

Shellby what do you think Shellby?

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