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A Miracle on Bates Street

Christmas will soon be upon us. I usually like this time of year, but it gets difficult as we get older. This year will be exciting as we have Emma and Liam around…..new babies to celebrate with! I was hoping to have new house for Christmas this year….but it probably won’t happen any time soon. Here is the house I had my heart set on…it is still for sale and the owners called me from Florida two days ago and dropped the price a bit! It is sure beautiful!

Here is a photo of the heart of it…the kitchen!!!

kitchen.jpg The kitchen has been completely redone with custom oak cabinets and green counter tops. It also has a bricked in nook that reminds me of a trattoria.

Maybe if I’m extra good this year… Santa will remember me and my dream of this beautiful house!


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Hope never disappoints….

These were the words I heard at today’s funeral of my Aunt. These words are very powerful indeed. A sad day for my family, but time does heal those who greive.

I have fond memories of visiting my Aunt on Christmas Eve day and taking the chocolate candy ornaments she had hung on her christmas tree. Looking back, shealways had these every year waiting for us when we came to visit. We will miss you Aunt Juliette!

Well I’m back to work, today looking for a sense of normalcy to return after a long past few days. Death is always so difficult for me especially close to the holidays. It was almost two years ago (Dec. 9th, 2004) that Uncle Rene took his own life by suicide. My Aunt Tootsie still suffers continuously…although she has made tremendous strides in her life changes without him.

Perhaps if I just travelled to Italy this year I could forget it was the holidays! Ciao Florence! Arrive derci USA.

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I enjoy the anonymity of cyber space….I can rant and rave and no one has to know…or my cyberspace friends can read it online and comment on it.  This week will be a tough week. My Aunt’s funeral is tomorrow and I have a difficult time going to funerals. I guess it is the finality of it all. There really is a circle of life…..it continues no matter what happens. We can not control the future.  Life is an uncertainty..we must live everyday to the fullest and not look back on the past, but only use it to remind us of the future.

My friends in cyberspace are the greatest…especially those on slowtrav.com  I have made some great acquaintances on that site and they certainly care about me. Thanks to all my cyber friends for the good wishes.  Ciao for now!

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Today my heart is heavy. On Friday night I received a call stating that my Aunt Juliette had suffered a heart attack and had been on a ventilator, but due to her request her family removed the ventilator. My mom and I went to the hospital to see and her and say goodbye. Goodbye is never easy to say. I sat and held her hand for over 2 hours and watched as she struggled to breathe on her own. Every breath she took seemd to last forever. Looking at her face I was brought back to my younger years and she reminded me so much of my dad who passed away when I was 15 years old. She was his older sister who took care of him after his mom had died. Aunt Juliette was a wonderful woman and she lived a full life. She loved people and parties…she loved wedding, baby showers and all family get togethers. She was the one you could always count on to be present at these events. I told her it was ok to leave this world and to tell my dad hello for me. Death is such a bittersweet event…she is no longer sufffering and we can be thankful for that, even though the pain of her death is very difficult. I felt as though I had been taken back in time and had the chance to tell my dad goodbye also. She passed away early yesterday morning. We love you very much Aunt Juliette! Till we see each other again…tell dad hello!

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Well another holiday is upon us, and Christmas is right around the corner. Yikkes!

Last night I went home and crafted a spinach tortellini in brodo….yummy! It was so good, that I finished it off with a piece of cappucino cheescake from Orvieto’s. Iw ill definately make this more often as the weather grows colder.

I got called out of work yesterday to the hospital. My brother had fallen on the stairs and broken his ankle. Now he is laid up for a month or so. These things always seem to happen around the holidays. Ciao for now!

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My heart is heavy today…..

I wonder sometimes if people actions are really intended to hurt others or are they just selfish acts strewn upon the hearts of those they are closest to?

I must admit, I’d rather be at home with my husband today. Everytime I leave to go back to Kentucky I come home to face the consequences of others actions and how they have affected my life. Some days I’d rather just run away 😦

This is very difficult time of year for me….some days I’d just rather not celebrate the holidays and do something completely selfish like travel to an undisclosed location to spend the holidays laviously pampering myself. Perhaps I’ll spend the day daydreaming about leaving on a jet plane…ciao.

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Here I am sitting at my desk, back to work as usual once again. I had a decent trip back yesterday. I arrive a few minutes late due to airport traffic leaving CVG airport. Don dropped me off at the terminal and said goodbye once again…..these words are always so hard to say….it seem’s like most of our time is spent saying hello and goodbye. that really sucks!

Anyway I had a great time except for Saturday nigth when I became violently ill during the night…not sure what is was but I hadn’t been feeling well all day Saturday, so I was not surprised when I got so sick. At least by the time my flight left I was feeling better. Much better today….except for work. My staff scheduled appoints for me every 15 minutes or so….so I’ve been extremely busy all day….vacation seems so far away already.

I had such a good visit with Don, Christian and Liam. We attended Christina’s Misery is Optional musical on Friday night in Louisville….boy do I have a talented daughter! Christina stood on stage and made me proud to be her “step” mother! SHe has indeed turned into a lovely woman and mother….her baby Liam is so sweet!

So anyway here I am…life must go on…and I’ll soon be back into the swing of my job to keep me occupied. It is Thanksgiving this week…another holiday without my honey….then there is “black friday”…shopping fest on Friday….can’t wait to find the bargins. Ciao for now! 🙂

Liam Spaz in the living room…he’s camera shy!

Liam in his new PJ’s I bought for him! dsc02791.JPG

dsc02794.JPG I love to kiss his little face!!!!!

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