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Well here we are at yet another Christmas. I hope the holidays are good this year. Don arrived late last night, thank goodness his flight wasn’t delayed too long. We are at a hotel in Bangor right now ready to head and and do some last minugte shopping. My pneumonia is not gone yet and I’m on another antibiotic….$135 for 5 pills.! Outrageous! I hope they work.

My holiday plans almost came to a screetching hault yesterday when I found out my niece’s car broke down and she might not be able to come home. I would probably have to drive over 6 hrours to bring her home, however Mrs Santa Claus…aka her mom might be helping her get a new used car today…so yes Amy there is a Santa Claus!

Due to my illness I have agreed to give up something for tghe holiday overload theis year…..my baking….this is my favorite thing to due, however I am still under the weather and was told by my doctor that I could not keep up my pace this year…so the cooking went! No favorite holiday cookies that eve3ryone looks forward to! I think I’ll go crawl under a rock….or maybe better yet make a visit to Sam’s Club for holiday goodies before we head home today…it won’t be the same but they usually have some mean cheesecakes there! hehehee

Well I’ll probably be offline for a few days, so everyone out there have a great holiday and take care of the one’s you love this blessed time of year! I still have gifts to buy, presents to wrap, and holiday calls to make to friends and family. This will be the second Christmas without Uncle Rene…who committed suicide two years ago at this time…where ever you are uncle we miss you and love you….and your jokes and stories on Christmas Eve will never be forgotten…also to Dad and Grandma in heaven we love and miss you very much!!!! We know you are safe with God and looking down on us…..ciao for now!

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Feste Felici!

Only five more days to Christmas…I can’t believe it. When am I going to finish my shopping and baking. One thing that was good about being home sick, was the opportunity to make up for lost time watching holiday special and movies this year….made me feel like a kid again. I watched Prancer last night…what a great movie!

I think I’ll put my honey to work baking for me when he arrives tomorrow night. I have my favorite Cream Cheese Cutout Cookies that everyone loves. I have made them for over 20 years. I used to also make chocolate covered cheeries….but I have no time. I need the Christmas Elves to help……where are they all when you need them?

Well Don will be home tomorrow! I think we will be staying in Bangor overnight, as we both have holiday shopping to finish and I don’t want to go on the weekend. Christmas Eve day has always been my favorite day of the year. Cooking, baking, visiting my friends and family and delivering their gifts…..ahhhhhhh those memories. This year I’ll make new ones with my niece Amy and my great niece Emma. I can’t wait for Emma to open her gifts and see all the “Dora” related items, including a toddler bed she is getting.

I wish all of my family could be together this year including my step children Laura, Christina, and Aaron, as well as my new grandson Liam. I hope they all have a happy holiday season. Laura is far away in Japan working this year, so she won’t be home, I hope she is safe and has a great time whatever she does for the holiday. Ciao for now!

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My Second Day Back to Work

WOW….never knew how tired I would be recovering from pneumonia. Well I’m still here catching up on 22oo emails, posts and other assorted things. I have seen many student today. I have a very busy week ahead of me. On Thursday night me Dolci (husband) comes home for the holidays! I am very excited. We haven’t seen each other in over a month so our time will be special.

I can’t believe the Holiday Season is upon us….I have missed almost an entire month….shopping, bqaking, decorating all misssed! Boy do I have to make up some serious time…..!

My niece Amy and great niece Emma will arrive on Friday afternoon and stay til the day after Christmas…I am so excited to spend time with them again. Emma will sure have a ball on Christmas morn. Ciao for now!

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I’m Back….well sort of!

Hello to everyone in Cyberland. I’m back at it today. After three weeks fo near death experience of pneumonia…hehehe…I’m up and about.

Wow, what a long three weeks. I’m behind in everything for the holidays. My shopping, baking, wrapping, visiting….maybe they should come visit me afterall…hmmmmm?

Well I’m so far behind in everything I’ll have to catch you all up tomorrow! Ciao for now!

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For the last week, Deb has been bedridden with bacterial pneumonia.  Although she sounds much better, she is still a ways from a complete recovery. 

She asked me to let everyone know that she is still alive and, albeit barely kicking, she expects to make a full recovery.

As a side note, she’s concerned that her Christmas shopping is not complete.  If it doesn’t get finished, that’s okay—we all have more than we need, anyway. 

I guess that’s all for today.  I hope that Deb will be back behind the keyboard by early next week and can pick up her daily postings.

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