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My new found friend

Okay my new found frustration with food has forced me to try other options. I have always loved yogurt of any kind especially Stonyfield Farms organic yogurt. I like mine thick and creamy, and mostly flavored. I read recently that Greek yogurt has a higher amount of protein per serving than regular yogurt. I have recently been living on yogurt an milk products, so I took it one step further and decided on buying some Greek yogurt. Now in the past I have eaten Fage Greek yogurt, but I am unable to purchase it where I live, so it is not a viable option. So when I spotted this Oikos Greek Yogurt by Stonyfield Farms I had to try it. Results: GREAT! I’ve been adding a tablespoon of local Maine Made Maple Syrup to it and WOW, it rocks. I am experimenting on some smoothies as well. It is not he same as chewing on a rack on baby back ribs, but it will suit me at least til I am able to consume more solid food anyway.


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Another time to whine….

fresh off the vine, originally uploaded by The Rambling Rountrees.

Ok this is getting somewhat ridiculous. I am so tied of living on fluids for the last almost 6 weeks. I miss veggies and fruits so much. My favorite time of the year for fresh fruit and veggies and I’m missing it. I already missed local fresh strawberries and peas last month. I’m hoping I have an answer tomorrow as to why I can’t eat anything solid, 4 weeks post op. Ugh! I promise the whining will soon stop, whining does not become me very well. I am so looking forward to going camping in 2 weeks, it won’t be pretty carrying around yogurt, milk and protein powders in to the woods. I’m off my soapbox for today!

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; or in my case I’d rather it be Limoncello. I’m have a slightly disappointing day in my recovery. I’m slowly sipping my liquids and dreamin’ of Italy. The photo was taken outside of our hotel in Tuscany in the lush gardens surrounding the area. Today I would travel back there in a heartbeat. The rolling hills, magnificent vistas, golden meadows, picturesque mountains…you get the picture? But instead I have to revert back to the virtual Italian world of my photos. Please feel free to enjoy them on my Flickr page, located on the right hand side of this post.

I pray for relief of my post op issues and to be able to enjoy the fruits of life once again!

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100% perfection, originally uploaded by The Rambling Rountrees.

I like to expect perfection you know. 100% that is. Well not this time. For the last week post op, I was told to go ahead and try the next phase of foods, which includes “soft protein”. Well I’m not a complainer by nature, but my husband may tell you otherwise that I am, I have experienced nothing but trouble. Trouble with a capital “T”. My stomach seems to reject food with any solidity to it. I am so sick of drinking protein powder shakes and yogurt, but if I don’t things don’t sit well in “Nelly”. I am frustrated to say the least. I call my surgeon’s office with my concerns and have been scheduled for a series of tests on Tuesday of next week. I have to wait another week to see if I am developing a “stricture”.

I know nothing is ever guaranteed to go as expected it, but I wanted perfection. Things to just be perfect in my recovery, but they are not. So I will continue to sip my iced tea and yogurt, and I’ll hold my horses till next week….then I will begin to get angry if I don’t have answers.

“Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add but when there is no longer anything to take away, when a body has been stripped down to its nakedness” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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I told you I’d tell you.

Okay, so you wanted more. You had to know. So here is the story. My life as I knew it has changed drastically over the last three weeks. It all began on Monday June 30th. I had been preparing for this day for over 10 months. I wanted this. So the day came, and my life changed forever.

I arrived at the hospital at 8:50am sharp for a 9:15 am appointment to check in. As I arrived I was given forms to fill out and told to wait in the marked area until my name was called. I was quickly called and led into the back room, where I was given a pathetic hospital gown and slippers to put on. My vital signs where taken and then I was told I could wait in another waiting area and was allowed for my family members to come in with me. We sat and chatted nervously and I called my husband to say I’d talk to him later in the day. Before I knew it my time had come….an OR nurse came out and asked me to back into another room with her where she would begin to prepare me for surgery.

The “other room” was a cold and sterile environment filled with medical equipment. I was given a bed to lay on while a hefty dose of medicinal cocktails were prepared for me. “This is what you doctor order for you preop”, I was told by nurse Cratchett. Then an IV was inserted into my left hand, luckily it made it’s way in during the first attempt. The cool liquid began to flow into my arm and then I was given some Versed to ward off any second thoughts I may have been having. I was visited by an Anesthesiologist and cleared for surgery. Then at 10:40 am I was rolled into the coldest operating room I have ever encountered. It was filled with women! The entire team the was involved in my procedure were women! I joked about “women power”. I asked where the “robot” was that was the guest of honor during my surgery. It was a rather large and menacing looking device sitting in the corner of the OR.

Attendants scurried around to prepare the room for their work. The Anesthesiologist came up to my side with a slew of IV medications in her hand. She approached me in a very quiet manner and an oxygen mask was placed on my face. I kept on talking and asking questions, that’s me…can’t ever know enough! Soon I was experiencing the twilight zone start to impend upon me. Then I drifted off.

Several hours later I woke to a tube being pulled out of throat and my surgeon whispering in my ear “it was over and everything was a success”. A few minutes later something seriously happened. I heard people talking about me and alarms and buzzers going off. “I’m paging the Doctor” one nurse said. I could hear in her voice that something was wrong. I remember gasping for my breath but could not breathe, my heart was racing and I was in incredible pain. I began to moan and was given pain meds immediately. I was gasping for air and could not get any. Pain filled my body and abdomen, searing me like a knife. This episode went on for over four hours I was told. My mother was allowed to come by my side for only a moment. I remember her telling that “she needed me”. The rest was a blur.

The next thing I remember was being wheeled into my hospital room and placed on oxygen and other equipment. I was in tremendous pain, but was given pain meds within seconds of moaning. Sweat was running off my body profusely and the bedding beneath me was becoming saturated. “Take deep breaths, and try not to talk” I was told. My mother was by my side at this time. My husband was calling and was not able to get much info from anyone other than my mom. He was terrified I later learned. The rest of the evening and night became a blur. My family and friends had to leave, so I laid there and drifted in and out of a drug-induced sleep.

I did not find out what happened in the recovery room for several days. What went so wrong. What caused me to alarm everyone and cause such a ruckus? I am told that I had a “reaction” to a medication that was used to counteract the effects of anesthesia. My heart rate had gone up to over 200 beats per minute, my BP had dropped drastically low, and my oxygen level could not be maintained to over 70%. No wonder I was gasping and my chest was heaving. I am very lucky, my doctor returned quickly and acted fast to counteract this event.

Looking back over three weeks later, I cannot say that I would go through this again. I can only hope I made the right decision. Each day is a struggle to drink enough liquids and to be able to get enough protein in. I am a bit frustrated, hopefully it gets better every day.  😦

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Back in the saddle again.

Well, here I am, back at work for another fun filled week. Back to my ranting and ramblings! I promise I will blog about my recent surgical experience tomorrow! Ciao!

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What’s behind door number 2?

Well another week has passed in post surgery life. I have had a lot of “bad” days and some good days. I’m feeling ambivalent with this decision so far, but each day changes my mind a bit. When door number two opens I’ll be a new woman. 35 pounds shed so far as of today. Summer is passing fast and I have yet to enjoy any of it since our return from Italy. I’m ready to go back anytime now!

My dear husband will be here in a few weeks and we can spend a few days on the river in our favorite camping spot. Back to nature is what I need. A few days in the sun will help restore my soul and renew my energy. God forbid, food is no longer needed…hehehee. (my sense of humor is coming back).

Something has intrigued my interest in why, when your down do your close friends always stand you up? And why do cyber friends always come through? Case in point, I’m almost three weeks post op and have had no visitors come by my home to say hi. But on my email and this blog I receive the best heartfelt messages of support and prayers from folks around the world. I can’t thank you all enough!

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