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Ahhhh, what a long past three weeks. AS you may know my mom suffered a stroke, unexpectedly three weeks ago, and then went into atrial fibrillation while hospitalized. Her recovery has been rough to say the least. A few days ago she left her treatment/rehab facility to return home in my and other family members care. The road has been paved with difficulties and grief. I have grown very frustrated at times and have walked on the verge of tears for the past three weeks. Care of aging parents is never easy, but I was not expecting to have to care for my mom so intently so quickly. I have mastered the art of patience many times over, but I know this has been eating at me. I am frustrated with the progress, not with her trying and all, but with the slowness of progression form her stroke. I have never meant to hurt my mom in any way and I hope that God grants me the patience I need to help her in her recovery to live an independent life once again. Over the last three weeks I have grown very depressed and have felt sorry for her and myself to have to care for her. I know this is temporary for me…as I have overcame this before. But I feel helpless that I can’t cure my mom or to make thing progress as quickly as I would like them to. I know I am in the right place and doing the right things to care for her. But I am grieving for the mother I had three weeks ago, a mom filled with happiness and independence with a fighting spirit! I want you back the way you were before mom…..please hurry back.

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I would like to run away!

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Week three of my mom’s recent hospitalization for her stroke and cardiac atrial fibrillation continues. A long road of rehab lies ahead. This will take months and months of work, and perhaps my patience is running thin. I only hope God provides a promise, that things will get better for her to be able to live a fulfilling and independent life once again. Thanks to you all, for the support you have given me throughout this ordeal.

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For those of you that follow me on Twitter or Facebook, the past two weeks I’ve been to hell and back. My mom suffered a stroke and then serious atrial fibrillation and has been hospitalized for the past weeks and and is now in rehabilitation for her right sided stroke of the temporal and parietal part of her brain. Please keep the prayers and kind words coming, as they have inspired to have faith in humanity. She has a long road to recovery ahead but we can do it! I love you mom and I need you back the way you were before!

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