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Darkness before dawn….


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They say it is always darkest before dawn…..but does dawn ever really come? What I am talking about is the tragedy that my mother has suffered over the past 10 weeks. A stroke that took much of her away. Yes physically she is doing much better, but the emotional aspects are the most difficult and challenging to deal with. Each day we pray, we pray that she is better but change does not come quick enough. We are both growing frustrated and depressed. I have had to miss my trip to Kentucky for the past two months to visit my husband, because of her health. I am physically and emotionally drained from this and so is she. I am so fortunate to still have my mother in my life. We have a strong bond that only a mother and daughter can have, but it is still very difficult to care for someone. I would not trade these days with my mom for anything. I can only pray to stay strong and for her to continue to heal. The depression is a dark place, in which I don’t care to visit. It is a place that is cold and unreachable. A place unfamiliar. It is like the depths of hell to be exact. With the holidays around the corner it makes it even worse. It makes joyful occasions unhappy. I know I must stay strong to take care of her, but I have not had any resolutions to my fears. I only know it is absolutely darkest before dawn….

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Oh I miss my Bloggin!


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Well the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and so tired I have not had the energy to even blog! I am so sorry. The fall has not been the best time for creative thoughts in fact, my creativity has been hindered to say the least. But I think things are getting some normalcy back. I hope to be bloggin’ again soon! 🙂

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Wow, when I look back on my blog posts for the last 6 weeks they have been few and far between to say the least. So busy providing care for my mom who suffered a stroke in September. I was supposed to go to my Ol’ Kentucky home two weeks ago, but never made it and had to reschedule my trip til later this month. Halloween came and went this past weekend with a visit with Amy and Emma, my niece and great niece. I had the opportunity to share in Emma’s Halloween adventures including Trick or Treating around my mom’s neighborhood. My mom is slowly recovering but is suffering from depression as a result of her stroke. She has made significant progress with home-based physical and occupational therapy as well as speech therapy. She still has lapses in her cognition and swallowing capabilities, but these are improving as well. A slow taxing process me both of us. She wants to be able to continue to live alone and independently and I am hoping for this as well. I will my readers updated! Ciao for now!!  🙂

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