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mom and aunt toots, originally uploaded by The Rambling Rountrees.

After almost five weeks in the hospital she is still with us. Clinging to life as we all should. This lady is one for the bravest woman I have ever known. The Rainbow will appear soon my lady….we love you!


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Today I Need Some Spring!

Gerbera, originally uploaded by The Rambling Rountrees.

Snow again today! My aunt is still hanging in there despite her illness. We are all praying for her and the future. So I needed to be reminded of something to come…like Spring! Only 60+ days left, but looking out the window today all I can see is more snow and cold temperatures! Warm thoughts of spring fill my mind today…..and of Italian travel as well!  😉

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We all love her….

we all love her, originally uploaded by The Rambling Rountrees.

Update January 12th 2010. It has been an incredible long month so far and it is not half over yet. As you may have read my aunt is very sick and will not be returning home. She is hospitalized with late stage pancreatic cancer…a nasty disease that takes most everything its path. It is painful and devastating to the body. She is in good spirits and has relinquished everything tome to care for at her home when she departs this worldly place. Three weeks ago we never expected any of this to be happening, but that is what life is about….we can’t planon much and must go with her wishes. What a remarkable lady I am so happy to have had her in my life for so long, I wish we could keep her forever. I will miss her dearly when the day comes when she leaves us. But I will remember that she will “stay in touch” with us like she told me. I love you Aunt Toots…my favorite Aunt and friend. Thanks for the strength and courage that you have given me.  I appologize for wanting to keep you forever!

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The Lady in Red….

We have been keeping bedside vigil since Sunday December 27th 2009. Little did I know things could turn so bad so fast. My Aunt Toots in the middle of the photo has been diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer. Not good, she is hospitalized for pain control and palliative care. It has become a matter of time. My heart is broken. She has been by my side helping me care for my mom since she had her stroke in September. Please help me pray that she reaches the Rainbow Bridge without too much pain and suffering. I am selfish to think we could keep her forever, but at 85 years of age…we have had many great times with her. We love her so much!

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