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Earthly Delights

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A while back I celebrated my two year surgiversary. A new life…barring all the complications I have endured I must say that most days over the past two years now leave me with good memories…well except a few. I have had my share of problems post op but it is what it is. I must live with my choice and most day I’m ok with that. I also endured bilateral brachioplasty in February of this year, and another surgery for internal hernias and adhesion’s. None of those have been fun. But recently I have found myself wavering from my commitment at the gym, but I am back on track now on a daily basis!

To be Continued!

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Bird in a boat, originally uploaded by The Rambling Rountrees.

Well Monday has returned with a vengeance once more! A fine weekend weather wise here in Maine. I took my mom for a drive to coastal Maine and one of our favorite spots to enjoy the day, Belfast. While the weather was not optimal, but is did prove for some interesting photos near the coast. We stopped at several farmers markets in the area and enjoyed fresh raspberries bursting with juice, tomatoes and string beans. We also had a seafood lunch while sitting in on the of the best spots in Maine. The fog rolling in, the gulls flying around, and the smell of the ocean all around us! Enjoy your week readers! 🙂

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Monday Morning Madness

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Once again the weekend has came and gone. It is now Monday once again. I have been uninspired to say the least to blog recently. I think it started with the post travel blues, that always happens when I return from life in Italy. I think also the continuous stress since my mom suffered her stroke last fall has found it’s way into my soul. I have been staying with her for ten months now and each day brings new challenges into our lives. I believed that my mom would be strong and healthy forever and now at the age of 75 things came to a new level. Strokes are often difficult to understand, and even today when she has an off day, I wonder if it is another stroke. Her cognition is not functioning properly as is with her throat and swallowing difficulties continue. Some folks tell me that the results of strokes can last a lifetime or at least a year. So each day brings new challenges. I’m not sure that these challenges will ever resolve, but in the meantime I am fortunate that I still have this great woman in my life.

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So Happy It Is Thursday!

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What is your favorite day of the week?

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