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Well suffice to say, I thought it was time to update my readers on the status of my 2 year post op WLS life. Yes, two years have passed since I embarked on my life changing journey of the good, bad, and ugly! June 30th 2010 marked the two year anniversary of my body altering WLS surgery. I have encountered many problems along the way and thing have been difficult at times to say the least. Physically I’m feeling much better and am able to excercise an hour or so day without exhaustion or falling on my face with my tongue hanging out! I am much more conditioned cardiovascularly and muscularly. My stamina has increased ten times over, BUT this has not come with out cost of some sort.

I have encountered episodes of severe vomiting and nausea over the past 2 years and have had to surgery to repair internal hernias and adhesions from the result of my orginialy surgery. My frustration level remains high at times. Some days it seems that the food I am able to eat does not pass through my intestines and is infact “blocked” at times. My vitamin and mineral leves continue to drop and I have been prescribed Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and now the latest Vitamin B6. My protein level has dropped and I have to continue with protein supplements, even at two years out!

This has not been an easy journey to adapt to, and I have tried to address my frustrations in a positive manner so I often Tweet or Facebook to blast out my feelings. I seek refuge in my travel day dreams and often find myself plannin for our next travel adventure with my partner and husband! In the meantime I keep looking over the fence and continue to look forward to the future without any more complications.   🙂

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I miss you Spaz, my Kentucky wildcat

Yesterday marked the five week anniversary of the passing of our beloved cat Spaz. I received this beautiful email from my husband the non-cat lover. You see Spaz, was really not a cat. He was a benevolent human, only disguised as a cat! He came into our lives for a reason. He brought us so much joy and contentment and he had a way of melting my husband’s heart. They had a mutual understanding and love for each other. This is my husband’s story….

The Passing of a King

The end could not have been less regal. Stripped of his health, this once powerful King drew his final breath, alone, without the comforting presence of consoling witnesses, outside the reach of those that loved him or those that served him. Taken by an unseen and unknown enemy, this sleek warrior slipped from this life, not on the battlefield, but in a sterile sanctuary meant for the aged and infirmed. In the end his fierce roar was not heard, and his once imposing majesty held no sway on the Black Hand that pulled him from this life.

He reigned, in this life, a short, thirteen years. But those thirteen years were enough to spawn his legend. He will be missed, but it is his life that will be remembered.

As I walk the lonely corridors of his castle—left empty by his passing—it’s impossible to miss the signs of his life as I move from room to room. I find myself conversing with him, out of habit, even though I know he’s gone. What an imprint he made on me during his life, and I didn’t even realize it until he was gone.

Have I mourned him? I’d be lying if I said no. Would you call him a king? If you had known him in life, you’d be hard-pressed to deny him his status as the king of his kind.

King Spaz, cat of all cats, good bye.

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