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It has been a rough couple of weeks, in fact a rough year to be exact. But Thanksgiving week my world changed once more. My 15 year old cat met me at the door one evening and I noticed dried blood on her paw. After close examination, I found that the blood was coming form one of her nipples, I immediately panicked and on Monday morning of that week called the vet and got Callie in to see her the nest day. The vet completed a needle biopsy and announced my worst fear. My cat most likely had breast cancer. The next week I took Callie back in for a mastectomy on her right side. At that time I was told that it may or not be a malignancy and that the results would not be back for a week or so. I cried non stop for a week. How could my beloved pet and family member be suffering from a human disease?

A week passed and yesterday I was called with the results. My cat has Mammary Papillary Cystadenocarcioma, indeed a malignant tumor. I am devastated. I love my cat. I have had to make a tough decision but I am willing to try to the treatment on her. She will begin chemotherapy on Thursday after having some chest xrays beforehand. How can I ever repay her for the love she has given my for the last 15 years? Totally and completely without conditions.

Indeed cats and dogs can suffer form breast cancer as well as humans. Please remember to check your pets every so often. Statistics show that the younger you have your pets spayed and neutered the lower the incidence of breast cancer in older aged animals.

Callie we are praying for your recovery honey!

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