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Well let’s see where do I begin?

It’s been week since I’ve really written about anything about life in particular. So I will update y’all about life’s happening’s here in my world.  My dear husband was sick last week and admitted to the hospital with a serious case of pancreatitis of unknown origin. They believe possibly that a small gallstone was the culprit, even though he no longer has a gallbladder!  Hmmmmm, a medical mystery indeed. He is home now and feeling better for the most part. Although the hospital itself left a lot to be desired in the form of medical treatment.

I have been feeling a bit of wanderlust for another travel vacation.  Even though I will be leaving in few weeks to go to Kentucky once again, I am feeling like I spend an enormous amount of time daydreaming about my next travel adventure.  France seems to rise to the top of my thoughts. So I have been researching the Languedoc Region of France as well as Provence. In the 1600’s my ancestors migrated from the the Languedoc Region to Kamarouska Quebec. So I would love visit the country where it all started; however, my heart always longs for Italy.  So we will see where my wanderlust takes me.

In the meantime, the weather has been changing and so have the seasons. Fall is fast approaching and for the first time this year, we woke to a frost this morning. The tree are also starting to change their colors. Autumn is my favorite season of the year.  Warm days and cool nights, the smells, the colors, the flavors all make this time of the year the best. In the meantime I think I’ll pour myself another cup of coffee to start the day!  Ciao for now…


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A Handsome Lad


A beautiful lad named Liam…..my 1 year old grandson! I miss him greatly….I haven’t seen him since March…growing way too fast!

Love Nonna!

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Home Sweet Home….

Well, since I have been back from Italy, I have tried to make me life as normal as possible to alleviate the heartache I suffer when I return, so I packed up my camera and headed to the coast on Saturday to visit my niece Amy and my great-niece Emma. Emma is getting so big so fast. My mom and I arrived mid morning and played with Emma outside on her new swing. Then we loaded her in the car and and took her for a drive on the coast to find a good place for lunch. We ended up having lunch at the Salt Bay Cafe. Lunch was great and Emma had a wonderful visit with us. I miss her and Amy when I don’t see them as often as I would like.

They do intend to come and stay with me for a week in August. Emma is indeed a very active 2.5 year old. She has an incredible memory and thought we were coming for her birthday party again, like we did in February of this year. The day flew by and soon we headed back for another 3 hour drive home. But the day was well spent visiting Amy and Emma!

emma1.jpg emma2.jpg



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La vie en rose….

Why do I always see life through rose colored glasses? I mean I don’t like to sound like a pessimist; however, I do demonstrate tendencies.

I have not had a good week and this is only Wednesday! Things must get better. After-all our upcoming trip is scheduled in 31 days. My fantasies will live out in Italia! I think I was born in the wrong century…especially the wrong decade. I love vintage clothing and music, vintage movies and wine! I watched the movie A Good Woman, the other night and was fascinated by life on the Amalfi Coast in the1930’s. I am a hard core person by nature and come across to some as demanding. I do enjoy my work but I also enjoy my time off gallivanting around the world. But I have a hole somewhere deep within the walls of my heart……well not literally! I mean I have a good life, but always dream about more. The more usually involves a child….or more cats. Huh, you say! Well being childless can have it’s advantages, but it also involves alot of loneliness that no one with a child can imagine. Sort of an empty feeling in your heart. Children are born everyday to people that don’t even want them. Those of us that do, often are left with an urge that nothing can fulfill. I am an animal lover, especially for cats! Yesterday I went to the DMV to renew my driver’s license. While walking through the mall I was inspire to go into a pet store. I felt something grab my arm when I walked by a cage…lowe and behold it was a gray tabbie cat called “Otto”. He had also grabbed my heart as well. I visited for a short time, but was truck with a need to take him home. My husband probably would not have agreed to another feline in our household. So I refrained. But as I walked away, I wondered about all the lonely pets in the world as well as orphaned children. They share a similarity, difficult to describe.

My next stop was a doctor’s appointment. While I was sitting in the waiting room for my appointment, a woman entered the room carrying a small Chinese girl that quickly made eye contact with me and we each smiled at each other. I asked the woman how old her child was and she told me that she was 18 months old and was adopted from China at the age of 11 months. The child had lived in an orphanage and was not cared for well. She was malnourished and sickly, but appears to be fine now. Her mother and I had a lengthy conversation about the adoption process. The process took her over two years to adopt this child! WOW, I knew it was a process, but there are children out in the world dying every day, and those of us who can afford to care for and love them, but have to jump through such international bureaucratic crap to adopt them. And all you need is a $15 license for a dog? Go figure…..


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Well I have had a great week visiting with my hubby, stepdaughter Christina and my grandson Liam.  Today was nonetheless. We started out getting up and ready to head out on the town. We shopped all over town, had lunch and came home exhausted.  Liam is a real trooper. He loves to shop and like to listen to music and watch colors!  What a handsom little man he is growing into!  Of course I love to spoil him as well!…cant’t you tell.

Well, I hate to leave my other home in Kentucky….but we still have the weekend! Tomorrow we will head over to Louisville til Monday morning when I fly home at 6:30am.  Then back to reality….work and life.  Time does fly when I’m at home instead of work. But I can’t complain it has been a great week.

Tonight we are making homemade pizza for dinner…..lots of toppings on homemade crust. Yumm oh!  We have cooked home every night this week except for one. Grilled ribs, buffalo wings, pizza dip on bruschetta.  It has been great having Christina home with me this week. She indeed is a great daughter and a great little mom she has turned to be.  When I return home I’ll be anxious to see my new greatniece and Nichole.  I love having my babies in my life.  Even though I don’t have any bio-babies I have many other kids in my life….that I am grateful for.

Don and I went to dinner the other night at the Harbor View with Steve and Marcia our tavel buddies.  We indeed had a great meal and good planning conversations about our trip.  They are extremely excited to experience Italy for the first time with us as their private tour guides.  I anticipate that this trip will be a huge success…..for them as well as us! Ciao for now!  🙂

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Here I am sitting at my desk, back to work as usual once again. I had a decent trip back yesterday. I arrive a few minutes late due to airport traffic leaving CVG airport. Don dropped me off at the terminal and said goodbye once again…..these words are always so hard to say….it seem’s like most of our time is spent saying hello and goodbye. that really sucks!

Anyway I had a great time except for Saturday nigth when I became violently ill during the night…not sure what is was but I hadn’t been feeling well all day Saturday, so I was not surprised when I got so sick. At least by the time my flight left I was feeling better. Much better today….except for work. My staff scheduled appoints for me every 15 minutes or so….so I’ve been extremely busy all day….vacation seems so far away already.

I had such a good visit with Don, Christian and Liam. We attended Christina’s Misery is Optional musical on Friday night in Louisville….boy do I have a talented daughter! Christina stood on stage and made me proud to be her “step” mother! SHe has indeed turned into a lovely woman and mother….her baby Liam is so sweet!

So anyway here I am…life must go on…and I’ll soon be back into the swing of my job to keep me occupied. It is Thanksgiving this week…another holiday without my honey….then there is “black friday”…shopping fest on Friday….can’t wait to find the bargins. Ciao for now! 🙂

Liam Spaz in the living room…he’s camera shy!

Liam in his new PJ’s I bought for him! dsc02791.JPG

dsc02794.JPG I love to kiss his little face!!!!!

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It’s the Great Pumpkin!!!!

Here is a photo of my Grandson Liam….getting ready to celebrate Halloween tomorrow. He is now 3 months and growing fast!

Liam 3 months

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