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I am deeply saddened by the tragic events that have occurred in Japan this past week. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Nuclear Meltdowns. My heart is broken for these people. We are so lucky that our daughter survived these events, but she is still their working int his nightmare. We are worried for her safety and the safety of those around her. Please take care and be careful Laura! May God given the people of Japan, some sort of sign that life will eventually resume. It is more than any of us could ever imagine having to survive. Human life is so fragile and we never know what will strike. I wish the people of Japan, comfort in knowing that so many people around the world are praying and thinking about them and all those who have been lost. God Bless them!


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It has been a rough couple of weeks, in fact a rough year to be exact. But Thanksgiving week my world changed once more. My 15 year old cat met me at the door one evening and I noticed dried blood on her paw. After close examination, I found that the blood was coming form one of her nipples, I immediately panicked and on Monday morning of that week called the vet and got Callie in to see her the nest day. The vet completed a needle biopsy and announced my worst fear. My cat most likely had breast cancer. The next week I took Callie back in for a mastectomy on her right side. At that time I was told that it may or not be a malignancy and that the results would not be back for a week or so. I cried non stop for a week. How could my beloved pet and family member be suffering from a human disease?

A week passed and yesterday I was called with the results. My cat has Mammary Papillary Cystadenocarcioma, indeed a malignant tumor. I am devastated. I love my cat. I have had to make a tough decision but I am willing to try to the treatment on her. She will begin chemotherapy on Thursday after having some chest xrays beforehand. How can I ever repay her for the love she has given my for the last 15 years? Totally and completely without conditions.

Indeed cats and dogs can suffer form breast cancer as well as humans. Please remember to check your pets every so often. Statistics show that the younger you have your pets spayed and neutered the lower the incidence of breast cancer in older aged animals.

Callie we are praying for your recovery honey!

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Today is a sad day for all. The eighth anniversary of the events of 9/11. Seven years ago I was sitting here at my desk like today, when the news was announced. Life has not been the same since. Today I am thinking of those who have lost their lives or those whose lives were destroyed on this day. Please join me in remembering today. Take a moment and do something nice for someone you don’t know, a small act of kindness will go a long way. Tell someone you love them today. Maybe someday there will be no violence in the world.

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Beware readers….Normally I would not spew negative comments about things on the net. However, that was the old me…the new me will!  I am writing to inform my readers about scams with Barclays Banks of Delaware. I have (had) an account with them and took them up on an offer of a “balance transfer transaction” with a low fee of 2.99% for the life of the transfer. DON’T make the same mistake and fall for this crap. I completed the transfer and made 2 payments on my account and when I received my statement in March and found $381.01 in finance charges on my account I looked into it further and found my account to be charged a whopping 25.24% interest. I call to inquire about this and was told I had to file an investigation into it and would be notified within 10 days as to what happened.  I called today and was told that my claim was  closed, very poor customer relations. I told them to close my account. Below is a link I stumbled upon this morning with other complaints about this Company. Please read these for yourself. They are LIARS….don’t fall for this. I won’t go into details on the web, but if you questions please send me a comment.


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WOW, reading today’s news is so very depressing. The failure of the bailout of the country’s financial situation.

WASHINGTON – The House on Monday defeated a $700 billion emergency rescue for the nation’s financial system, ignoring urgent warnings from President Bush and congressional leaders of both parties that the economy could nosedive into recession without it.

Stocks plummeted on Wall Street even before the 228-205 vote to reject the bill was announced on the House floor.

Bush and a host of leading congressional figures had implored the lawmakers to pass the legislation despite howls of protest from their constituents back home. Despite pressure from supporters, not enough members were willing to take the political risk just five weeks before an election.

Ample no votes came from both the Democratic and Republican sides of the aisle. More than two-thirds of Republicans and 40 percent of Democrats opposed the bill.

The overriding question for congressional leaders was what to do next. Congress has been trying to adjourn so that its members can go out and campaign. And with only five weeks left until Election Day, there was no clear indication of whether the leadership would keep them in Washington. Leaders were huddling after the vote to figure out their next steps.

A White House spokesman said that President Bush was “very disappointed.”

“There’s no question that the country is facing a difficult crisis that needs to be addressed,” Tony Fratto told reporters. He said the president will be meeting with members of his team later in the day “to determine next steps.”

“Obviously we are very disappointed in this outcome,” Fratto said. “. There’s no question that the country is facing a difficult crisis that needs to be addressed. The president will be meeting with his team this afternoon to determine the next steps and will also be in touch with congressional leaders.”

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Monday he believed Congress would ultimately pass a proposed $700 billion Wall Street financial bailout, despite an initial rejection by the House of Representatives.

“I’m confident that we’re going to get there. It’s going to be a little rocky,” said Obama, who added that “things are never smooth in Congress.”

Monday’s mind-numbing vote had been preceded by unusually aggressive White House lobbying, and spokesman Tony Fratto said that Bush had used a “call list” of people he wanted to persuade to vote yes as late as just a short time before the vote.

Lawmakers shouted news of the plummeting Dow Jones average as lawmakers crowded on the House floor during the drawn-out and tense call of the roll, which dragged on for roughly 40 minutes as leaders on both sides scrambled to corral enough of their rank-and-file members to support the deeply unpopular measure.

They found only two.

Bush and his economic advisers, as well as congressional leaders in both parties had argued the plan was vital to insulating ordinary Americans from the effects of Wall Street’s bad bets. The version that was up for vote Monday was the product of marathon closed-door negotiations on Capitol Hill over the weekend.

“We’re all worried about losing our jobs,” Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., declared in an impassioned speech in support of the bill before the vote. “Most of us say, ‘I want this thing to pass, but I want you to vote for it — not me.’ ” msn.com

What is happening to our country and the world?

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Well today’s I’m on my soapbox. But I’ll make it somewhat brief. Last night I watched the news…..usually I stick with the Food Network or The Travel Channel, because I can bury my head in the sand after a long day at work. Well I am appalled at what is happening in the world. A disastrous cyclone in Myanmar (Burma), an earthquake in China, tornadoes in the Midwest, gas and fuel oil prices in the rest of our country. What is happening? It feels like the end of the world. I can’t even begin to explain my feelings on all this. Bush approves a measly “Economic Stimulus” payment to stimulate a deadened economy. Stop the War in Iraq! I know I’m on a rampage….I’ll stop.

In the meantime, we will stimulate the Italian economy when we are spending our check in Italy three weeks from now.

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Gallbladder update:

I’m on my way to see the surgeon today at 10:30am. I have to drive an hour away through about 12 inches of snow that is still coming down. I’ll update y’all later. 😦

2:30pm UPDATE:  I am donating my gallbladder to science on Monday March 3rd.  Yikkes, it has to come out!

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