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Beware readers….Normally I would not spew negative comments about things on the net. However, that was the old me…the new me will!  I am writing to inform my readers about scams with Barclays Banks of Delaware. I have (had) an account with them and took them up on an offer of a “balance transfer transaction” with a low fee of 2.99% for the life of the transfer. DON’T make the same mistake and fall for this crap. I completed the transfer and made 2 payments on my account and when I received my statement in March and found $381.01 in finance charges on my account I looked into it further and found my account to be charged a whopping 25.24% interest. I call to inquire about this and was told I had to file an investigation into it and would be notified within 10 days as to what happened.  I called today and was told that my claim was  closed, very poor customer relations. I told them to close my account. Below is a link I stumbled upon this morning with other complaints about this Company. Please read these for yourself. They are LIARS….don’t fall for this. I won’t go into details on the web, but if you questions please send me a comment.


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