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idol.jpg Last night I watch as millions of others did as well, the American Idol Gives Back Episode. This show is occasionally something that Don and I watch and sort of get caught up into Idol Mania. For weeks the producers have been indicating a special episode called Idol Gives Back. Last night’s episode was truly powerful indeed. The program raised money for many world wide issues, such as poverty, AIDS, malaria, and illiteracy. I was shocked as I viewed the program. This episode brought tears to my eyes as I watched in silence. We live in a world were we don’t have to witness these excruciatingly painful problems. However, America is not safe from these issues either.

Several years ago, my best friend Kevin died of Aids. He had lived with HIV for several years but succumbed to the disease in the form of pneumonia and Kaposi’s Sarcoma. I thought about his battle last night and how he had to live in such stigma. That was in 1996, today things are not much better for people living with HIV and Aids. There are treatments available, for those who can afford it. But for others like those in Africa, many times there are no options. What breaks my heart is watching the children suffering from this disease. Our county spends so much money of war, but we often don’t take care of our own people. Poverty, hunger, domstic violence, lack of medical insurance, these are all examples of the injustices that we cause to our poplulation. Will this ever end? I hope in my lifetime…..


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