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Well suffice to say, I thought it was time to update my readers on the status of my 2 year post op WLS life. Yes, two years have passed since I embarked on my life changing journey of the good, bad, and ugly! June 30th 2010 marked the two year anniversary of my body altering WLS surgery. I have encountered many problems along the way and thing have been difficult at times to say the least. Physically I’m feeling much better and am able to excercise an hour or so day without exhaustion or falling on my face with my tongue hanging out! I am much more conditioned cardiovascularly and muscularly. My stamina has increased ten times over, BUT this has not come with out cost of some sort.

I have encountered episodes of severe vomiting and nausea over the past 2 years and have had to surgery to repair internal hernias and adhesions from the result of my orginialy surgery. My frustration level remains high at times. Some days it seems that the food I am able to eat does not pass through my intestines and is infact “blocked” at times. My vitamin and mineral leves continue to drop and I have been prescribed Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and now the latest Vitamin B6. My protein level has dropped and I have to continue with protein supplements, even at two years out!

This has not been an easy journey to adapt to, and I have tried to address my frustrations in a positive manner so I often Tweet or Facebook to blast out my feelings. I seek refuge in my travel day dreams and often find myself plannin for our next travel adventure with my partner and husband! In the meantime I keep looking over the fence and continue to look forward to the future without any more complications.   🙂


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Well I have an update for all my readers. For those of you that follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you know that my Aunt passed away on February 2nd, I started having stomach or pouch issues and had to have a revision and I had previously scheduled bilateral brachioplasty of both arms for February 10 and 11 this month. Well I went ahead with these procedures and have been recovering since. My WLS revision for a hernia and lysis of adhesions went well. Then two days later I undertook that task of a my visit to a reconstructive plastic surgeon. Not for the faint of heart. I had one arm done on Wednesday February 10 and the second arm completed the next day February 11th.

Needless to say my recovery of my arm procedures has been rough and very painful. The surgeon removed a piece of skin from each arm about 4×12 inches. Ugh! Pain proceeded to follow over the last 2 weeks. An infection developed and I am on antibiotics and I had to return yesterday to have some lymphedema fluid removed from one arm. Not expecting another needle! So I have to use compression bandages and wraps on both arms for the next six weeks for optimal healing and less chance of scar tissue to develop.

The above photo was taken for me the morning after the first procedure, just before we went for the second arm to be completed. My right arm was done first followed by my left arm. I am very happy with the shape and size of my arms, but never expected the level of pain that I have experienced over the last two weeks!

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The changing seasons

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Another week has proceeded by rather quickly. Lots of thing happening in life and things tend to be a bit on the hectic side. A new school year, new semester, new season approaching and another new baby on the way in the next four weeks. My niece is expecting her second daughter over the next few weeks. Another life will be added to the Klan or family is should say! Before we know it fall will be down all around us and in the meantime I will savor every moment of my favorite time of year, early Autumn.

On the weight loss side of thing I’ve hit the 63 week mark post op and things tend to be better most days. I am about 10 pounds away from my goal, but these 10 pounds have been the most difficult to loose. Still working out almost everyday with a mix of cardio and weight training. Most days I love this routine. A change for the former ultimate couch potato in my family, now people have a difficult time keeping up with me. October 19th, I have an appointment for a consult for a bilateral brachioplasty. Ouch! it does sounds painful and I have not made up mu mind yet on this surgery. So if any of my readers out there have any insights both good, bad, or ugly I love to hear about it!  🙂

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Wandering Aimlessly

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After WLS, your life changes dramatically in many ways. Although not physically hungry after my works out at the gym, I often find myself aimlessly wandering through the aisle of the the local grocery store looking for something, anything to be exact. But not knowing what I am looking for! Not sure if you all understand what I am saying…. Sometime “head hunger” is a terrible thing. Your stomach is not hungry but your head is telling you to eat something. This is not cured by WLS. Now after 1 year post op I am experiencing “head hunger”. So I go and bust my butt at the gym, then I leave to go home to have dinner but not sure what to eat, so I wander around looking for something that I can tolerate. You see, I still have difficulty eating poultry products of any kind. So I am relentless at looking…what do I eat? Bizarre, I know!

Meantime, classes have started once again. My stress level is very high, so the gym is a great place to burn the stress off. Ugh!

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Ok, so here I am 13 months post op WLS. I thought it would be better. Most days things are but last night I suffered horrifically. I had a rather busy day on the road and when I returned home from work, I was feeling hungry and fixed dinner around 7:30pm. Shortly after I ate I noticed that I was not feeling well. Stomach pains starting looming, nausea, gas…you know the deal. So needless to say I spent the rest of the evening rolling around in pain, praying over the porcelain bowl in my bathroom. Retching is a horrible thing….painful to say the least. I felt like I was about to loose my intestines out my throat. I know TMI…sorry, but I must share with you all. I earned the right to bitch about this. Meat does not sit well in my pouch. I got severely stuck somehow in my craw. It wouldn’t go down or come up for a while. But when it did…oh my.  I spent the rest of the night moaning in pain.  My rant for the day!

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We all most likely agree that ice cream makes the world a better place. It can eliminate stress, make things better, fulfill the day, cure a broken heart, fix a sweet tooth craving, solve many problems….but it an also be healthy.

To make a long story short, since having WLS I have missed eating ice cream. Even more so in the summer. Last summer I was so ill that I did not care or even think about it. But as time wore on I began to think about healthy ways to create something to enjoy, mainly ice cream or gelato! Last week I bit the bullet and purchased a new Cuisinart 1.5 quart Ice Cream maker and bought it to work with me. Sooooo, on long afternoons I have been experimenting with the right combination of ingredients and flavors. So far I have adapted some of Shelley (Eggface’s) http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/ recipes and they have worked very well!  So far my creations have included:

Blueberry Cheesecake Protein Ice Cream

Un-Chunky Monkey Protein Ice Cream

Lemon Meringue Protein Ice Cream…..yum everyone in my office works with a smile on their face!!!!

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If I had to go back and do it over, I probably would. You see having weight loss surgery is not a tell tale end all cure to fix any problem. You still have good days and bad days. Some weeks even contain more bad days than good ones! However, people who have never experienced this cannot fully understand the psychosocial changes that occur in ones life after WLS. You loose friends, people don’t understand what you are going through, life changes, your body changes and your mind gets left behind. Some days I really miss my “before life”. I miss being invited to eat out with friends, I think they don’t realize that I an still eat, but not consume gluttonous amounts as others do, but they don’t even ask me to join them anymore. I think they they believe that I am a “different” person and perhaps will judge them on their eating habits….NOT! Anyways, here are the Top Ten Things I MIss the Most….after WLS.

1. Eating out for a meal and ordering several courses.
2. Dessert.
3. Alcoholic beverages…yeah a good margarita!
4. Pasta, noodles etc…carboholic goodness.
5. Pizza….yum!
6. Chicken….can’t eat…..causes rapid pukefest.
7. Chocolate and anything candy oriented.
8. Bread..rolls, pancakes, croissants, brioches etc….
9. Ice Cream…..anything more than a spoonful.
10. I miss being normal in others “eyes”. I feel sometimes people avoid food around me. Now come on, I am not an addict……I just made some majors changes in my life that are for the better. I am much more physically fit and could kick anyone’s ass these days!

PS. Can’t wait until August 7th the release of the new movie…Julie and Julia!

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