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Looking forward to 2012


ice on cedar, originally uploaded by The Rambling Rountrees.

I have not yet felt inspired to blog about the new year yet, so I will leave you with a winter photo for now! Hope you all rang in the New Year in Peace!

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frozen, originally uploaded by The Rambling Rountrees.

New Years History
The celebration of the new year is the oldest of all holidays. It was first observed in ancient Babylon about 4000 years ago. In the years around 2000 BC, the Babylonian New Year began with the first New Moon (actually the first visible cresent) after the Vernal Equinox (first day of spring).

The beginning of spring is a logical time to start a new year. After all, it is the season of rebirth, of planting new crops, and of blossoming. January 1, on the other hand, has no astronomical nor agricultural significance. It is purely arbitrary.

The Babylonian new year celebration lasted for eleven days. Each day had its own particular mode of celebration, but it is safe to say that modern New Year’s Eve festivities pale in comparison.

The Romans continued to observe the new year in late March, but their calendar was continually tampered with by various emperors so that the calendar soon became out of synchronization with the sun.

In order to set the calendar right, the Roman senate, in 153 BC, declared January 1 to be the beginning of the new year. But tampering continued until Julius Caesar, in 46 BC, established what has come to be known as the Julian Calendar. It again established January 1 as the new year. But in order to synchronize the calendar with the sun, Caesar had to let the previous year drag on for 445 days.

Although in the first centuries AD the Romans continued celebrating the new year, the early Catholic Church condemned the festivities as paganism. But as Christianity became more widespread, the early church began having its own religious observances concurrently with many of the pagan celebrations, and New Year’s Day was no different. New Years is still observed as the Feast of Christ’s Circumcision by some denominations.

During the Middle Ages, the Church remained opposed to celebrating New Years. January 1 has been celebrated as a holiday by Western nations for only about the past 400 years.

Where ever you choose to spend your New Year, please be safe!

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Here’s to wishing you all the best of 2008. I’m off to a slow start this year, as I have been in bed sick for three days with a cold/flu. Don left to return to Kentucky on Sunday morning and I have been sick ever since. I guess that is what love does to you…hehehe

The Holiday’s have came and went for another year. we all spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my mom. Lots of cooking, cleaning, baking and fondly remembering the days gone bye filled our holiday. Aunt Toots came over and spent time with us as well. Emma and Amy stayed and enjoyed Christmas with us all. I was so exciting to see Emma enjoy Christmas morning as a 2 1/12 year old. Diving under the tree to retrieve her gifts left from Santa and us. I remember those days as a child anticipating the morning of Christmas. Anticipation filled the air and no one could sleep. This year Emma was up at 7am ready to dig into the cornucopia of delights. Then I fixed a huge breakfast for us all. The rest of the day was spent visiting with each other and enjoying the memories surrounding us. At 4pm we feasted on a turkey and all the trimmings, then homemade cheesecake, cookies, truffles, chocolates and sparkling cider. All in all it was a great holiday.

Now we have winter to look forward to. We already have way too much snow. We are in a winter weather pattern already this year. It has snowed just about every other day, and now the ground is hidden beneath 5 ft of snow waiting patiently for spring to make an appearance.

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